White Tara Mandala – Handmade Thangka Thanka Painting on cotton canvas

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Genuine hand painted thangka on cotton canvas

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Mandala is taken as sacred space and also as an abode of fully realized beings or deities. In the Buddhist and Hindu traditions sacred art often takes a mandalas form. The basic form of mandalas is square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Spiritual and ritual significance. A circle which is device for the Tantric meditation. Round mandala thangka painting is wonderful piece of art. A representation of the unconscious,self mandala enables one to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholeness in personality. Mandala is regarded as a place separated and protected from the ever changing and impure outer world of samsara. A place of nirvana and peace.

This mandala is surrounded with various deities following up and bottom side. White Tara is seen in the center of Mandala. The overall color of the Thangka is black and gold which make more eye catchy and beautiful.


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Dimensions 46 × 60 cm