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History of Thangka framing

Nepalese artists, seeking to meet the exploding demand for Buddhist art in Tibet, developed Thangka techniques so that paintings could be easily rolled and carried in large numbers. Due to these clever techniques, Buddhists throughout the Himalayan region were able to obtain beautiful supports for their practice.

The technique of silk brocading was first developed around the 9th century AD as a way to protect paintings during transport across the treacherous Himalayan mountains.

These beautiful, sacred pieces of art carry with them the energy of the tradition, the deities, and the artists. Traditionally, a cloth covering is used to contain the painting’s energy as well as to protect the thangka when it is not in use.

Framing your Thangka with Silk Brocade

Silk brocading is a process of framing a Thangka in traditional Tibetan style. The frame is made of beautiful silk fabric having rich colors and patterns. Brocade can be added to any Thangka painting upon request. The diagram to the right shows the different components of a typical brocade frame.

The silk fabric protects the edges of the Thangka, and also makes it easier to hang. A thin silk cover protects the painting when rolled, and may be gathered up to display the painting when hung on the wall. It is generally thought that silk brocade renders a Thangka more attractive and more religious.

Selecting Silk Fabrics

We have many gorgeous silk fabrics to choose from. Our inventory is always changing based on what is currently available in the market. Below are several beautiful styles that are available right now. 

If you like one of the patterns shown, please let us know when you place your order. Due to some reason, we will be unable to provide the same brocade we will provide you the similar brocade that is available. There are a thousand different patterns and many different colors available, we will find the perfect match for your beautiful thangka painting.

And for those who prefer the very finest fabrics, we offer a special deluxe brocade option. Please email us at to request these special fabrics Brocade. The price of this brocade varies with the size of the thangka.

In general, we are always happy to send photos of alternate designs and colors. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or special requests.