Sadhu Life at Pashupatinath Temple – Handmade painting from Nepal

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Size(cm): 76.2 x 124.46

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Sadhu is a religious ascetic, mendicant (monk) or the other holy person in Hinduism who has renounced the worldly life.They are typically or else referred to as jogi.It virtually means that on who practises a “sadhana” or keenly follows a path of spiritual. Sadhus in Nepal live a simple um-materialistic life.They don’t have any material . Many live in basic dwellings such as in caves, forests or Hindu temples. Some Sadhus claim to measure with ghosts in cemeteries.

Sadhus live on the support of the people they encounter. The sadhus is solely dedicated to achieve moksa(liberation).Sadhus often wear simple clothing, such saffron-coloured clothing in Hinduism. In Sanskrit terms Sadhu refer to renouncers who have chosen to live lives apart from or on the edges of society to focus on their own spiritual practices.The words come from the root sadh, which implies “reach one’s goal”, “make straight”, or “gain power over”.Pashupatinath Temple is one of the four most important religious sites in Asia for devotees of Shiva.

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

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Dimensions 76.2 × 124.46 cm

76.2 x 124.46