Bell(Ghanti) – Handmade Painting from Nepal

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The bells used in prayer have a significance that the sound of tinkling bells diverts the mind from its thoughts and makes it focus on the bells instead, thereby preventing worldly thoughts for that moment. Even the bells hung at temple door are used to spread social message of devoting their lives to God and standing at his door to be blessed by him. Bells are used at various stages of offerings like entering temple, rotating oil lamp in front of deity, bathing ceremony and during offering bhog. A well designed bell resonates sound of “AUM” and sends a positive frequency in air. At rudra centre bells have various styles and every one includes a specific that means like Ganesa suspending bell are used to hang at door, akhand bell is used for continuous ringing during prayer ceremony. Clamp bells are used during bhajans or jagrata. Tibetan Om bell comes with stick which should be hit on body of bell and it resonates Aum for longer duration compared to other bells.In Buddhism. the bell represents Wisdom (“Prajna” in Sanskrit). It is held within the left hand during rituals, and it is also believed that the bell represents the female principle of the universe.

However, it has a deeper meaning than this. It literally means “fitness of action,” which is considered the same as Compassion (“Karuna” in Sanskrit) in some Buddhist schools. Hence, the use of the Bell is a symbol for the joining of Wisdom and Compassion. generally have one metal bell hanging at the doorway and devotees ring the bell whereas coming into the temple that is an important half in preparation of getting a darshan. Temples generally have one big metal bell hanging at the entrance and devotees ring the bell while entering a temple so as to calm their thoughts and attune to the divine. Scientifically ringing the bell helps dispel dormant negative energies and commence positive vibrations.

Medium : Oil on Canvas

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Dimensions 76.2 × 101.6 cm