Guru mantra Mandala | Guru in Mandala | Thangka Painting | Bodhisattva Mandala

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This thangka represents the mandala with Guru. A center figure, usually a spiritual instructor or guru, is surrounded by a circle of different  deities, in a thangka. Each image in the mandala represents an alternate aspect of the teachings or practices and is said to bring the practitioner wisdom and benefits.

The Guru Mandala Thangka’s intricate design and vibrant colors express the richness of Buddhist culture and spiritual traditions. Thangkas are primarily painted on canvas or silk and are sometimes decorated with precious stones, gold leaf, and other ornamental features.

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The Guru Mandala Thangka is utilized as a meditation assist for visualization techniques and is thought to have the potential to provide the practitioner spiritual protection, healing, and transformation. In Buddhist rites and ceremonies, it is also employed as an object of devotion and veneration. It is a beautiful and meaningful portrayal of the Buddha’s deep teachings and the spiritual lineage of the masters.

The Guru Mantra is regarded as one of the most significant thangka in Tibetan Buddhism since it is thought to express the core of all the Buddha’s teachings. It is frequently recited during meditation and is thought to have the capacity to cleanse negative karma, remove impediments, and bring about enlightenment. The Guru Mantra Mandala Thangka is a valuable tool for Tibetan Buddhist practitioners because it deepens their knowledge of the teachings and serves as a visual reminder of the Guru Mantra’s strength and significance.





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Dimensions 50 × 40 cm