35 Buddha in single canvas – Handmade Thanka Painting from Nepal

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The mentioned Thangka Painting depicts 35 Buddhas. Each one of those thirty five Buddhas has at identical time the capability to eliminate negative actions and obstacles to the apply of dharma. The recitation of Sutra of Three Accumulations, the prayer of confession in front of 35 Bouddhas is a particularly effective method to purify of any failure to the wish; it is usually accompanied by prostrations. The Thirty-five Buddhas is a set of buddhas named in an important karmic purification text known as “The Sutra in Three Heaps.” The name of the sutra follows from the 3 principal sections of the text: 1) homage, 2) confession, and 3) and dedication. The central buddha in this set is Shakyamuni Buddha.

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Dimensions 72 × 50 cm