White Tara | Mandala | Bajrasattwo | Zambala | Set of Five Handmade Thankas on cotton canvas with brocade installation

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Note : You can notify us in which Thangka you want to install brocade (Package included – One Thangka – Free Silky Brocade Installation)

The overall package contains set of five (5) handmade Thangka painting on cotton canvas. It consists of White Tara , Round Mandala, Bajrasattwo, Zambala and Kalachakra Mandala. The size of the Thangka is as mentioned below :

White Tara : 22 x 30 cm

Round Mandala : 28 x 28 cm

Bajrasattwo : 28 x 34 cm

Zambala : 22 x 30 cm

Kalachakra Mandala : 24 x 24 cm

The main purpose of this package is to bring the essential deities and mandala at one place so that individual can get much benefited at the same time for meditation , gifting the loved ones, for decoration in your home, office or wherever you like.

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Cotton Canvas


Natural Pigment
Stone Color
Silver Leaf