Shree Yantra thanka thangka with silky framing – handmade thangka painting from Nepal

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Genuine hand painted thangka on cotton canvas

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The Sri Yantra also known as the Sri Chakra represents all the fundamental principals of Tantric philosophy. It is known as the best or supreme existing yantra and all other yantras derive from it. A Yantra is the symbolic representation of the Mother Goddess. It is made up of linear and spatial geometrical permutations of the Goddess in the mandala. You find yantras in many sacred geometry works and the design of the Sri Chakra/ Yantra is nine interwoven triangles, four of which represent the male principle (Shiva) and five inverted triangles representing Shakti, the feminine principle. The nine triangles also represent nine basic elements or root substances (Mula-Prakriti) of the universe. In the human body, they are represented as nine substances; five from Shakti skin, blood, flesh, fat, and bone. The four from Shiva are semen, marrow, vital energy (prana) and the individual soul.


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Dimensions 29 × 22 cm