Shakyamuni Buddha – handmade thangka painting from Nepal

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Buddha(Shakyamuni or Akashobhya): Akshobhya is regarded as the second most important dhyani Buddha by the Nepalese Buddhists. Akshobhya originates from the syllable hum. He is two armed single faced and exhibits the Bhu-sparsa (earth touching) mudra which indicates calling the earth for witness for all holly deeds done in all past lives, and sitss in the vajraparyanka pose.His left hand is on the lap, while the right rest on the right knww with the tip of the middle finger touching the ground with palm drawn inwardly. He represents the primordial cosmic element of Vijnana(consciousness). When represented in the Stupa, he always faces the east. His vehicle is a pair of white elephant and his symbol is the vajra or the thunderbolt.His female escort is Lochana.