Saraswoti – God of Learning – Handmade Thanka Thangka Painting on cotton canvas

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Saraswati (God of Learning )is worshiped for knowledge and education(learning and wisdom). She has one face and two hands vina- a stringed instrument and a book. Her legs are crossed and slightly raised and the vina is placed on her lap. She is popular with Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains as well. She is usually seated on a lotus seat with one leg pendent playing vina. Since she is primarily related to Brahma, her vehicle is a swan. When she is depicted in four arms form; she holds a book, a vina, a rosary, and a lotus. Saraswoti is the deity of learning, knowledge, and music. Her quality spreads so much on the far side the borders of India, China, the Korean Peninsula, and Japan. Her ornaments square measure straightforward and restrained, however, a slim, dark green scarf created a flurry of movement around the figure. It floats in an arc behind her slightly titled head then wind around her arms and drifts off in a circular maze to left and right.

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Dimensions 45 × 60 cm