Sapta Lochani Tara on Acrylic on canvas from Nepal

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Size(cm): 101.6 x 182.88

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White Tara is also called Sapta Lochani Tara due to her seven eyes. The White Tara symbolizes good purity and is believed to represent Transcendent knowledge, that secures everlasting blissfulness for its possessor. Her ability is to give the special gift of long life, however Sapta Lochani additionally has the immediate power to get rid of obstacles. White Tara or Sapta Lochani is the consort of Bodhisattva. In Tibet, Sapta Lochani is considered a form of the green tara. Sapta Lochani is depicted seated in Vajraparyank Asana on a lotus seat. Her right hand is in the gesture of supreme giving, her boundless generosity that ensures eight Siddhis and supreme Enlightenment. Graceful and calm, her left hand holds blue lotus, the symbol of protection from all terrors and fears.White Tara is popularly known as Sapta – Lochani Tara or Seven Eyed Tara. Her silk robes, scarves, coronet, earrings, necklaces, armbands, bracelets, anklets and belt sparkle in their celestial magnificence.


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Dimensions 101.6 × 182.88 cm