Kurkulla – Handmade Thangka Thanka painting from Nepal

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Kurukulla (Kurkulla) is a feminine, pleasant to semi-wrathful Yidam in Tibetan Buddhism especially with rites of magnetization or enchantment. Her Sanskrit name is of unsure foundation . Kurukulla can be a god, whose body is usually characterized in red with four arms, holding a bow and arrow built of flowers in one pair of hands and a hook and noose of flowers within the dissimilar combine. Kurukulla was attainable. She was derived into the Buddhist pantheon a minimum of as early because the Hevajra Tantra, which includes her mantra.

Mantra of Kurukulla is “Om Kurukulle Hrih Svaha.” This mantra benefits the vocative type (Kurukulle) of her name.

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Dimensions 45 × 60 cm


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