Kalachakra Mandala painting on cotton canvas – handmade thanka painting from Nepal

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Kalachakra represents time and everything is under the influence of time. The mandala includes deities which are equally accepted by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. The Kalachakra Sand Mandala is a visual representation of the entire Kalachakra Tantra. It is also a two-dimensional representation of the five-story palace of the Kalachakra deity, in which a total of 722 deities reside, with Kalachakra and his consort Vishvamata united in an embrace of perpetual bliss at the very center. Features a Kalachakra mandala design and comes unframed and ready for Western style framing. It is done by hand on cotton canvas using natural mineral and vegetable pigments. The intricate brushstrokes and extraordinary detail make these thangkas genuine works of art.


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