Head of Yamantaka – handmade hand painted thangka on cotton canvas

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Genuine hand painted thangka on cotton canvas

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Yamantaka, Despoiler of the God of Death is a vicious appearance of the Bodhisattva Manjushree, who presumes this form to Yama, the god of death. The cycle of rebirths (samsara) that averts enlightenment is shattered . These square caliber typically aforementioned to be 3 varieties of Yamantaka: Red Yamari, Black Yamari and Vajrabhairava. Yamantaka furthermore appears  the eight deities of Kagye, where he is also meant to be  Manjushree Body. The guidelines related to this kind of Yamantaka area unit backed the alleged “four chakras” secret or enduring chakra, chakra of survival, cutting chakra, and chakra of illustration. The Yamantaka practice allied to Palchen Dupa is termed as Overpowering Yama, Lord of Death”. 

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Dimensions 123 × 95 cm