Handmade Thangka of Vajrasattva with Mandala

$ 270.00

This is the painting of Vajrasattva in mandala  which is great for the meditation and physical and mental transformation. These types of traditional sacred buddhist art, painting is meticulously wrapped in robust, rigid tubes before being delivered around the world.

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Vajrasattva (Bajrasattwo) symbolizes the deity of limitless form. This is since Bajrasatto is the Sambhogakaya incarnation of the Buddha. As a result, he is, in fact, a impalpable physique of limitless form. Hence, the deity will take the greatest relevant form in order to simplify the suffering of sentient life. This Bajrasatto statue is outlined with the Vajra in his right hand and the Ghanta bell in his left hand. These are particularly notable Buddhist symbols. The Ghanta is the maternal symbol for wisdom. Furthermore, Bajra is the emblem of the masculine attribute of compassion. Nevertheless, it is the amalgamation of these two symbols that is the most potent.

Mantra Mandala Thangka Painting is a stunning and reasonably priced Tibetan Thangka that promotes meditation and fosters a calm environment.


Additional information

Dimensions 50 × 40 cm

Painted on cotton canvas


22k Gold
Natural pigment
Stone color