Handmade Thangka of Kuber | Zambala

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This is the Thangka art of Zambala Kuber. He is a wealth deity. Anyone who utter his name or recite his mantra will receive immediate assistance from Jambhala, a Dharma Protector. His favor gives luck, heightens virtues, lengthens life, sharpens intellect, and offers material and spiritual advantages.

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Zambala (also referred to as Kuber) is the God of Wealth and suitably a member of the Jewel Family. According to the Sutras, while Shakyamuni Buddha was teaching one day, demons tried to disturb and confuse the Buddha. Zambala appeared ahead of Gautama Buddha and guarded him. Recognizing Jambala’s bold action, Gautama Buddha asked Jambala if he would love to become a Dharma preserver so as to assist all sentient beings. Zambala accepted the Buddha’s provide, and since then he has offered immediate help to all who call his name or chant his mantra. His blessings bestow good luck, increase virtues, prolong life, increase intelligence, and provide both material and spiritual benefits. There are a unit 5 Jambalas – yellow, white, black, inexperienced and red – of that yellow is that the most typical kind.

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Dimensions 90 × 65 cm

Painted on cotton canvas


22k Gold
Natural pigment
Stone color