31″ x 39″ Green Tara | Boddhisattva | Spiritual | Handpainted | Handmade Thangka Thanka painting on cotton canvas

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Genuine hand painted thangka on cotton canvas

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Green Tara is an embodiment of the mother’s energy. She loves us so much that she has declared that she will remain in the universe until all sentient beings have attained freedom. Green Tara brings enlightenment, first for the individual, then for all. There are many stories traceback for eons to another world system; other stories go back to Hindu goddesses Durga and Kali. Tibetans say she was born from a tear of Avalokiteshvara who cried tears of compassion when he saw the terrible suffering of being trapped in lower realms. The present manifestation of Green Tara appeared strongly in Buddhism in about the 7th century CE. Tara grants people their deepest heart-felt desires. These wishes are fulfilled very quickly when they arise out of fervent devotion and are for the benefit of others.

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Dimensions 81 × 100 cm

24k Gold
Natural Pigment
Stone Color


Cotton Canvas