Amitabha Buddha – handmade thangka painting from Nepal Buddha – handmade thangka painting from Nepal

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Amitabha is one of the five Tathagata representing the wisdom of discriminating awareness. He also represents a purified form of desire. Amitabha in Sanskrit means measurable light of limitless light. He resides in the western land of unlimited bliss. He is assisted by two bodhisattvas. He is red in color, he is represented in the stupa facing to the west. He exhibits Samadhi mudras with his two palms folded face one on top of the other lying on his lap, sometimes holding a Patra (alms bowl) on the same posture. He rides on peacock symbolizing that he can take away the suffering of others just as the peacock eats poisonous plants and yet his tail shines forth.


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Dimensions 69 × 48 cm