Je Tsongkhapa | Chinese God Chungapa as Tantric Deity | Chunkapa | Chungava

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The Chinese god Chungapa is regarded as a tantric deity. He is usually depicted wearing monk’s robes and clutching a vajra and bell, which represent the unification of compassion and knowledge.

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Je Tsongkhapa, also known as Lama Tsongkhapa, was a well-known Tibetan Buddhist scholar and teacher of the 14th and 15th centuries. He is regarded as an enlightened master and the founder of the Gelug school of Buddhism, and is regarded as one of the most prominent personalities in Tibetan Buddhism. He was born in 1357 in Tibet and became a monk at an early age. He studied under many great masters and gained a thorough understanding of Buddhist theory, especially the teachings on emptiness and compassion. He also pursued studies in medicine, astronomy, and poetry.

Je Tsongkhapa is most known for modernizing Tibetan Buddhism and founding the Gelug school, which stressed monastic discipline, ethical behavior, and research and discussion. He is particularly well-known for his extensive works, which include the Lamrim Chenmo, which is regarded as one of the most important books in Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan art and symbolism, he is frequently represented as a calm, enlightened person with a benign look and a little big smile.


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Dimensions 55 × 44 cm

Painted on cotton canvas