Amitayus Buddha – handmade thangka painting from Nepal

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Amitayus, also known as Amida or Amitabha, is a celestial buddha according to the scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism. Amitayus is the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of East Asian Buddhism. In Bajrayana Buddhism, Amitabha is known for his longevity attribute, magnetising red fire element, the aggregate of discernment, pure perception and the deep awareness of emptiness of phenomena. According to these scriptures, Amitayus possesses infinite merit resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakara. Amitabha means “Infinite Light”, and Amitābha is also called “The Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life” so Amitayus means “Infinite Life” .


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